[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Here at Mountain View Dental, located in Alamogordo, NM, we do everything in our power to restore your natural teeth when decay happens. Unfortunately, there are some instances where saving your natural tooth would be doing more damage to the rest of your teeth. In the case where your tooth is too damaged to keep, our trained dentist will suggest a tooth extraction.

Tooth Removal Process

Depending on the circumstances and the damage of the tooth that needs to be removed, the dentist will choose one of the two extraction procedures that best fit your situation.

  • Simple Extraction: a simple extraction process is chosen when the damaged or the decayed tooth is able to be seen in the mouth. In this procedure, the patient will be numbed so no pain will be felt. Once fully numbed, the dentist will use a tool called an elevator to loosen the tooth from its socket, then use forceps to fully remove the tooth.
  • Surgical Extraction: a surgical extraction is a more complex procedure. It is used when the decayed tooth has broken off at the root and needs extra help being extracted. Usually, this procedure is performed by an oral surgeon.

When is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Commonly, when teeth are broken or suffering from decay, they can be fixed with a filling, crown, or other restorative procedures. For some cases extraction is the only answer. Here are some instances where extraction is the best possible outcome:

  • When the decay in the damaged tooth has reached deep within the tooth, unable to receive a filling
  • When there isn’t enough room in a patient’s mouth for all their teeth
  • An infection has damaged the majority of the tooth and possibly the bone
  • When the tooth is preventing another tooth from erupting

We understand that there is anxiety surrounding the idea of a tooth extraction, so it is important to us that we create an amazing and calming atmosphere during your procedure.

If you are in Alamogordo, NM, and have additional questions about extractions or wonder if you or someone in your family might need one, please come in and visit us! It is important to us, here at Mountain View Dental, that we educate you on all procedures and how to best take care of your teeth.