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Periodontal Therapy 

Periodontal Therapy in

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The type of therapy or treatment you will need to battle periodontal disease will depend on the stage of the disease or what has been affected. At Mountain View Dental, we take any stage of periodontal disease seriously due to the serious effects it can have on your smile and health if left untreated. 

If you are a resident of Alamogordo, New Mexico, and you are unaware of what periodontal disease is or how to look out for it, we encourage you to keep reading.

Periodontal Therapy

Gingivitis: As previously stated, we can help you remove built-up plaque from the tooth and right under the gum line at this very beginning stage. By having a professional remove plaque and with excellent at-home oral health care, we can eliminate gingivitis. If you notice that your gums have become swollen and irritated, make an appointment to clean and start or continue to brush twice a day.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is gum disease. The leading cause for periodontal disease is neglect to remove plaque and other cleanings such as professional, in-office treatments. Over time, plaque builds up at the bottom of the tooth and starts to irritate or infect the gum line. Gums can then start to become swollen and even bleed. 

The first stage of periodontal disease is called gingivitis and is reversible. If we catch gingivitis early on, we will treat you with a professional cleaning to remove any plaque that could do further damage. We encourage you to stay up-to-date with professional cleanings and to brush your teeth at home to remove plaque each day. 

If gingivitis isn’t taken care of and plaque continues to build, it will harden into tartar and will need special dental equipment to remove. In the later stages of periodontal disease, plaque and tartar infect the gum line, causing the tissue to deteriorate and recede away from the tooth. Less attachment of gum tissues to the tooth puts your teeth at a higher risk of falling out. 

If not taken care of, periodontal disease will bring gum loss, bone loss, tooth loss, and even other serious bodily health problems such as diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks. 

Periodontal Disease

There are multiple therapy options in the later stages of this disease, each requiring a deep cleaning and an intense removal of tartar. Listed below are the treatment options we offer, as well as what the process includes.

A scalar is a safe, sharp dental instrument used by dentists and dental hygienists to remove the hardened plaque from the tooth’s surface. Our professionals will scrape the built-up tartar from the visible portion of the tooth, ultimately deep-cleaning the tooth so nothing is present on the enamel. 

Root planing is typically the same action, but the scraping and removing are performed on the root of the tooth that is below the gum line. Removal of tartar from the tooth root will promote excellent healing and possible gum reattachment.

If one specific area has been significantly affected by the disease and has caused most of the gum tissue to recede away from the teeth, a gum graft will be needed to conceal the teeth and keep them in position. In this procedure, the healthy gum tissue is removed from different portions of the mouth and then securely placed onto previously infected areas. The new gum tissue is tightened around the crown of the tooth to ensure that the tooth won’t fall out. 

Each treatment plan is specifically designed for each patient depending on their state of periodontal disease. We will work with you in finding a therapy option that works best for your smile.

Our team at Mountain View Dental is dedicated to helping you keep your teeth healthy and strong. Please lookout for early signs of periodontal disease to protect your smile. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Alamogordo, New Mexico, office for more information.