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One of the most important ways you can keep your teeth clean, healthy, and beautiful is by participating regularly in preventative dentistry treatments. At our Alamogordo, New Mexico office, not only are we completely dedicated to helping solve dental problems right when they arise, but we also make it a priority to educate our patients on preventative dentistry. 

Preventative dentistry is the dental specialty that helps you prevent dental problems from occurring. Of course, we understand that sometimes, even after all we do to protect our teeth, decay can still happen. But we have seen that if patients take all the precautions, the number of cavities and dental issues are significantly reduced.

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In-Office Preventative Treatments

We offer many treatments that will help you prevent cavities or decay from starting, and we encourage you to keep reading to learn about the benefits of each one. 

Professional Cleanings & Examinations:

Although you only receive a professional cleaning every 6 months or so, they, along with exams from the dentist, play an important role in preventive dentistry. At each cleaning, we are removing any plaque or food that is in your teeth that have the potential to start decay. This cleaning goes deeper than just brushing your teeth.

At each examination, after your cleaning, our dental professionals will closely examine your teeth for already existing cavities or areas that could present a potential problem. If there are cavities diagnosed, appointments to receive a filling will be made at your earliest convenience.


Dental sealants are more often than not given to children who have just recently received their far-back molars. A dental sealant consists of a dental material being placed into the deep pits and fissures of the chewing teeth, that are then hardened by blue light, making it nearly impossible for decay to start. This results in a lower amount of cavities. Although sealants are mainly given to children, they are still very beneficial for adults of all ages to receive.


At the end of each professional cleaning, we always offer our patients the option of participating in a quick fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps promote oral health and increase strength in the enamel of our teeth. It then becomes more difficult for decay to penetrate our teeth and cause cavities. We highly encourage our patients of all ages to participate in the fluoride treatment in our office, but also to use fluoride-infused oral products as often as possible. Fluoride can be found in some mouth rinses, kinds of toothpaste, and even water.

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