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The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry at Mountain View Dental

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Have you been searching for a friendly and experienced dentist? Mountain View Dental & Orthodontics offers quality care and experienced professionals in general dentistry, cosmetic treatments, implants, and root canals. We always ensure you are comfortable during your visit by utilizing modern dental techniques with the latest technology. For example, we also offer sedation dentistry at our Alamogordo, NM facility to help ease any anxiety about your dental appointments.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

If you’re like many people, going to the dentist can cause a certain amount of anxiety. Some individuals have such fear that they avoid the dentist altogether. But did you know there is a way to make dental appointments more comfortable? 

Sedation dentistry, also called “sleep dentistry,” is an option for patients who may experience anxiety or discomfort during their treatment. It involves using sedatives to help relax the patient and make them feel comfortable during their dental treatments. The type of sedative used depends on the individual needs and preferences of each person.

Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective means to help ease your anxiety during dental visits. It can come in different forms and be tailored to each patient’s needs. Oral sedation (through a pill) is common, and it leaves you relaxed but still awake enough to respond to instructions and questions during the procedure. For those with a higher level of fear or sensitivity, IV sedation causes deeper levels of relaxation and requires an anesthesiologist or specially trained dentist for administration. And “laughing gas” creates a light sedation you can choose when getting a filling or other basic procedure done. Please discuss your options with our team before deciding on the correct form of sedation dentistry for you!

The primary benefit of sedation dentistry is that it helps relieve any anxiety associated with dental visits. This means that individuals who may have been avoiding the dentist can finally get the care they need without feeling stressed or scared. Additionally, because sedation dentistry helps you relax during your appointment, it allows us to perform multiple procedures in one visit if necessary—saving time and money in the long run!

Another great benefit of sedation dentistry is that it can help reduce gagging reflexes—a common problem for many people undergoing dental treatments. With less gag reflex activity, our team can complete treatments faster and more efficiently than ever before! Finally, by reducing any pain or discomfort associated with dental procedures, patients can enjoy a more pleasant overall experience from start to finish.

Sedation dentistry is so safe that it is even an option for children who feel anxious or overwhelmed in the dental office. It is a safe and effective way to provide dental care to our youngest patients while helping them relax during their appointments. We understand that visiting the dentist can be frightening for many children, and sedation dentistry allows us to provide treatment with minimal discomfort and fear. Our team of professionals is highly trained in safety protocols and takes extra precautions when working with all of our patients. We maintain a calm, reassuring approach that encourages emotional comfort throughout their visit, ultimately leading to an excellent experience for everyone involved.


Sedation Dentistry in Alamogordo, NM

At Mountain View Dental & Orthodontics, we offer sedation dentistry services to help ensure your visit is as stress-free as possible. We understand how uncomfortable some people may feel when visiting a dentist’s office. That’s why we offer several different sedative options so that each patient can find one that works best for them. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff members, we always aim to ensure every patient receives quality care in a relaxed setting.

So if you’re interested in how sedation dentistry can help make your next appointment more comfortable and stress-free, contact us today! Dr. Westover, Dr. Slade, Dr. Griffin, Dr. Peterson, and their team of experts provide specialized services to ensure you get comprehensive solutions to all your dental needs!

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