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Being scared of the dentist is a problem for many people. Whilst there are some people who find a visit to the dentist a little worrying; for some people, there is nothing worse. Just thinking about going to the dentist leaves them shaking in fear, breaking into a sweat.

Of course, some people can simply take a deep breath and face their fear; but for others, one option that they need to consider is sedation dentistry. It may sound like a rather drastic approach to take just to get seen by the dentist, but sedation dentistry may not be as drastic as you may think.

Want to know more about sedation dentistry and why some people choose it?

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What is sedation dentistry?

A dentist who offers sedation dentistry will provide you with medication that is designed to help you to relax during dental procedures. This form of dentistry is often called sleep dentistry, although this term is avoided as it is not an accurate portrayal of how it works. In the most part, patients will be awake during their procedure.

There are a variety of different types of sedation that is used in dentistry. The minimal level is when you are giving medication to relax you, but that keeps you awake. Then you have moderate sedation, which is when you are awake, but you may not remember much of the procedure. Next, there is deep sedation, deep sedation is when you are on the edge of being conscious, but you can still be woken up. Finally, you have general anaesthesia, which will mean that you are completely unconscious.

As well as different levels of sedation there are also different ways that it can be administered. Mediation can be inhaled, it can be oral and it can be IV. There are different reasons why these levels of sedation may be applied.

Why might someone choose sedation dentistry in Alamogordo, NM?

There are several reasons why someone may have sedation dentistry carried out. For the most part, this will be arranged because someone is fearful of the dentist and there is a real sense of anxiety around it.

However, someone may also request sedation dentistry because they have a low pain threshold, they may feel that they cannot sit still in the dentist’s chair or their teeth may be too sensitive to have the work carried out.

Another reason why people may request to have medication to sedate them before dentist work is because they have a large amount of dental work that is required to be carried out.

If you think that sedation dentistry is the right choice for you, then why not take a look at our sedation dentistry services available in Alamogordo New Mexico? Here at Mountain View Dental, we are dedicated to providing the very best service to our clients throughout Alamogordo, New Mexico. This includes other approaches to dentistry such as sedation dentistry.

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