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Laser Dentistry Can Transform Your Dental Experience

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Are you tired of the traditional, painful dental procedures that leave you uncomfortable for days? If yes, then Laser Dentistry in Alamogordo at Mountain View Dental can be a game-changer for you. Laser Dentistry is an innovative technology that has transformed dental care, making it more comfortable, less painful, and even more effective. 

At Mountain View Dental, we use state-of-the-art laser technology in our dental treatments to offer you safe, gentle, and efficient services. 


How Does it Work?

Here are some in-depth steps involved in laser dentistry treatment:

Step 1: Consultation with a Laser Dentist

Before treatments, you must schedule an initial consultation with a professional laser dentist such as Dr. Miller,  Dr. Carlen, or  Dr. Lybbert. The dentist will examine your teeth and gums, review your dental history, and recommend whether laser dentistry is the proper treatment. During the consultation, you should feel free to ask any questions and voice any concerns. Your dentist can provide information on the laser’s benefits, procedures, and expectations.

Step 2: Teeth Cleaning and Preparation

To make sure that the laser is effective, your teeth will need to be cleaned and dried. The dentist and the Mountain View Dental team will use dental tools to remove tartar and plaque buildup on your teeth. We also may take an X-ray to ensure the laser can reach and treat the intended area.

Step 3: Administering Anesthesia

Laser dentistry is less invasive than traditional treatments, but we still may require anesthesia. This is to ensure your comfort and safety. Local anesthesia is the most common method of pain relief, though sedation is also an option. Your dentist will discuss which method is best suited for you, depending on the treatment required.

Step 4: Laser Treatment

After administering the anesthesia, your dentist will use the laser directed at the specific treatment area. The laser’s light energy gets absorbed by the stain, tissue, or decay and removes just enough to restore your teeth to their natural form. The laser tube is small and hence can access small areas that might be difficult to reach with standard dental equipment.

Step 5: Post-Treatment Review

During post-treatment, we focus on ensuring that the procedure was successful. Your dentist may have a follow-up review with you to evaluate the treatment results and recommend any further action if needed. You may experience some dental sensitivity or discomfort, but this is normal and should go away with time. Your dentist can prescribe or recommend painkillers and highlight post-treatment measures such as maintaining oral hygiene, avoiding hot or cold drinks, and using a soft-bristled brush when brushing.


The Significant Benefits of Laser Dentistry

You can enjoy many benefits of laser dentistry at our clinic, including the following and more!

  • Precision: Laser Dentistry is an exact procedure that allows us to target and treat the specific areas that require treatment. The laser uses a concentrated beam of light to penetrate the tooth’s surface, eradicate decayed or damaged tissue, and sterilize those areas to prevent further infections. Laser Dentistry ensures that only the affected areas receive treatment, leaving the healthy tissue intact, thus reducing the chances of collateral damage.
  • Reduced Pain and Discomfort: Laser Dentistry can eliminate the need for drills, needles, and other traditional dental equipment that cause pain and discomfort. Laser technology uses a non-contact and non-invasive pain-free technique that offers a more comfortable experience. Furthermore, Laser Dentistry reduces swelling, bleeding, and discomfort compared to traditional dental procedures.
  • Faster Healing: Laser Dentistry delivers speedier healing, and patients can recover quicker than traditional procedures. The laser beams promote blood clotting, reducing the healing time by enhancing the development of new tissues. Furthermore, Laser Dentistry is associated with a lower risk of infection during and after the procedure, leading to faster healing and recovery.
  • Versatility: Laser Dentistry is versatile, and we can use it for various treatments. Dentists can use laser technology for treating cavities, gum disease, and teeth whitening. Our dentists can also use it for crown lengthening, biopsies, and frenectomies. At Mountain View Dental, Dr. Westover, Dr. Slade, Dr. Griffin, and Dr. Peterson are proficient in various Laser Dentistry treatments, and we customize each procedure to meet the patient’s needs.
  • Saves Time and Money: Laser Dentistry is more efficient than traditional dental procedures, leading to shorter appointment times for our patients. The precise laser beams reduce treatment time, making Laser Dentistry suitable for busy individuals who cannot afford to spend long hours in the dental chair. Furthermore, the faster healing process can reduce the number of follow-up appointments, ultimately saving you time and cost.


Laser Dentistry in Alamogordo

Laser Dentistry is a revolutionary dental procedure that offers numerous benefits for patients. At Mountain View Dental, we use Laser Technology in our dental treatments, ensuring patients undergo a stress-free, comfortable, and efficient experience. Laser technology is more precise, less painful, faster healing, and saves time and money. 

If you are seeking dental treatment, contact us today, and we will provide you with the best Laser Dentistry treatment that caters to your unique dental needs. Say goodbye to traditional painful procedures and embrace the future of dental care- Laser Dentistry. And don’t forget – we offer top-quality services for all your dental needs, including family dentistry, restorative dentistry, and preventative dentistry in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

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